Everything we learn from the new ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 trailer

As Jon Snow says, “the Great War is here.”  HBO finally gifted fans with what they’d been asking for and released a spectacular trailer for Game of Thrones season 7. Needless to say, it’s been the highlight of my week. It also took up my entire afternoon yesterday — not that I’m complaining, mind you! I put together a deep-dive into everything the new trailer … Continue reading Everything we learn from the new ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 trailer

Thoughts on the new ‘The Last Jedi’ teaser trailer

God bless Star Wars Celebration, is all I can say.

The Last Jedi panel at the convention was fine as far as news goes; Mark Hammil’s willingness to say *almost* whatever comes to mind is always delightful, but beyond that we didn’t learn much new about the film there.

The biggest punches of interesting came towards the end, with the reveal of a new poster and the trailer.

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Update: Carrie Fisher will NOT be featured in ‘Star Wars’ Ep. IX

Update Apr. 14: Well, just kill my dreams, Kathleen Kennedy.

The president of Lucasfilm said in an interview with ABC today that Carrie Fisher won’t be featured in Episode IX, just Episode VIII.

Thanks to Carrie’s brother Todd, it had been rumored that spare footage of Carrie would be used to bring her over to Ep. IX.

I’d hoped that’d be the case so that we could, for sure, get some proper closure for Leia that didn’t feel rushed or squeezed into The Last Jedi.

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HBO ‘aaaaaahs’ us to death

You know that opener for all HBO shows? The one with the staticky screen that fades into the HBO logo with an “aaaaaah” sound? Evidently, HBO thinks you love it. Better put, the network at least thinks it’s iconic enough for a smart brand campaign. HBO’s got plenty of popular shows returning over the next few months, and many actors from those shows are featured prominently in … Continue reading HBO ‘aaaaaahs’ us to death

‘Game of Thrones’ gives us a tease

Welcome to my new blog! I’ve been fortunate enough to have my post-college career start with The Dallas Morning News, a place that’s given me great opportunities to explore my writing interests. To my own surprise, one of those interests turned out to be television — which I always enjoyed watching but hadn’t considered writing about until a year ago. Thanks to The News‘ entertainment … Continue reading ‘Game of Thrones’ gives us a tease