HBO ‘aaaaaahs’ us to death

You know that opener for all HBO shows? The one with the staticky screen that fades into the HBO logo with an “aaaaaah” sound? Evidently, HBO thinks you love it.

Better put, the network at least thinks it’s iconic enough for a smart brand campaign.

HBO’s got plenty of popular shows returning over the next few months, and many actors from those shows are featured prominently in a series of new web promos for the network.

Are their characters all interacting a la when (TV) worlds collide? Not exactly. They’re all doing their own spin on the ‘aaaaaah’ from the HBO opener.

It seems that main characters from most of the big shows are featured, including Veep, Westworld, Silicon Valley, Ballers, etc. And as John Oliver points out — in what’s the funniest/rightfully most meta of the promos — they managed to get the entire main cast of Game of Thrones in there, too. That’s especially cool since a few of them (Daenerys, obviously, but also Bran, Arya, Missandei and more) are rocking new costumes.

The network’s opener might not be as iconic as HBO thinks, but the promos are mildly amusing at least.

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