Get hype: Game of Thrones stuns with new trailer

I mean, seriously: What. A. Trailer. 

Only HBO and Game of Thrones could usurp the first day of summer to make #WinterIsHere a trending topic on Twitter. The second — and probably final — trailer for season 7 is bloody spectacular, and easily my favorite of all GoT trailers ever.

Watch this masterpiece:

A few big thoughts/revelations the trailer gives us (#Spoilers):

Dragonstone is the happening place: We get to see a lot more of Dany’s ancestral home in this trailer, including her tearing down the old Baratheon banners from its previous occupant. Towards the end, we get a shot of Jon and Davos dressed for a warmer climate and standing in front of rock formations identical to those at Dragonstone. You can figure out the rest — get some freaking hype!

Euron attacks Yara, joins #TeamCersei: Illuminating (literally) the sea battle glimpsed in the first trailer, we see that Euron Greyjoy himself leads the attack on his niece and nephew’s ship — and a shot of Yara leaping down on him for a fight. Odds are good that he’ll be the victor in that fight, as a later shot shows his fleet sailing to King’s Landing to (likely) present some VIP prisoners to Cersei. Nice armada, bro.

Bran makes it home: Finally! One shot seems to show Bran warging into crows flying over the Night King’s army. When he snaps out, he’s in front of a weirwood tree in a spiffy new wheelchair. Given the new chair and how familiar the tree looks, I think it’s safe to say that he’s made it home to Winterfell.

Daenerys lights it up: We got a few more shots of the Dothraki — led by Dany atop Drogon — swarming down on the Lannister forces. We see a lot more of Jamie in the fray this time, though, including a badass bit of him riding across the burning field of battle. There’s also a quick shot of him walking the battlements of a fortification that’s likely to be Highgarden, seat of House Tyrell. If that’s the case, Dany is probably attacking the Lannisters as they leave the castle.

Jon & Co. Find themselves in deep, icy s***: We saw Jon north of the Wall in the first trailer; now we know for sure what he and his companions are running from: the army of the dead. With him for sure is Tormund, the Hound and (with the best shot of the trailer) Beric Dondarrion. They’re being swarmed by the massive horde of the dead, to say the least. 

CLEGANEBOWL?! Now here’s the one odd shot that might have some huge implications for fans: somebody drawing a sword, in front of a box, with Lannister men in the background. Going off only what we see here, that figure looks an awful lot like the Hound, before or after his trek in the far north. With those Lannister soldiers in the background, there’s a solid chance that Cersei is there — with her bodyguard and the Hound’s undead evil brother, the Mountain. Fans have for years speculated that the two Clegane brothers would fight; S7 might be when it finally happens. (Note: there’s a hellaciously spoilery reason to speculate on this; for more on that, click here.)

There were obviously NUMEROUS other cool shots with big implications here, but most of them reflect on plot points I discussed with the firs trailer. For that story, click here

Dear Lord, July 16 cannot get here soon enough. 

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